Friday, August 2, 2013

Teaching Printables

As a busy band director, I can never seem to find things that work for me.  They are always geared toward core teachers or elementary classroom teachers.  I'm working on uploading all of the forms and such I use to (for free of course).  Here are some of my printables.  Enjoy!

Lily the Caterpillar

It was just a regular day when SS5 started yelling for me to "come quick and look at this!"  I've learned my lesson with this can be anything from a mess for me to clean up, something that has been on TV a hundred times already, or a giant turd in the toilet.  But this time he was REALLY excited, so I went.
Meet Lily!  

DIY Laundry Soap Powder

I've been seeing it all over Pinterest, so I finally decided to give it a whirl!  Here is my laundry soap adventure!

The mandatory "ingredients" shot.

I looked at several different recipes and found one that sounded good.  I originally saw it on  I have also seen a few other people online use this recipe or some version of it, right down to the glass jar, which I love!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Microwave Mishap

I just came across some pictures of something that happened last winter.  Just thought this was so funny I had to share.  I didn't think it was funny at the time, or for the hour I spent cleaning it up, but what can you do.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lavender Honey Oat Soap

I really love summer because I'm not at work every day and it gives me a chance to really play around with all of my hobbies, and find some new ones!  I've been wanting to make the laundry soap powder I've been seeing on Pinterest for months, so this morning I finally did it!  Check out that adventure here.

Anyhoo, while I was bopping around the internet researching that recipe, I noticed some recipes for soap.  I'm starting to dabble in more natural products and I thought soap might be fun!  I've also been crocheting these soap coats, so I thought "what a fun christmas gift...homemade soap in its own coat!

So after looking around and finding a bunch of recipes, I decided to sort of create my own out of what I found.

DIY Essential Oils

So for whatever reason, last weekend I thought to myself...I think I'll make some soap.  I made dishwasher soap tablets, laundry soap, lavender honey oat body soap, grapefruit soap and mint soap.  I also thought to myself, "since I'm obviously going to become the world's premiere soap maker, I should  definitely be making my own essential oils".  So here is my attempt at DIY essential oil, which I guess is still in progress.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thyroid Biopsy

Since I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's, I've gotten a few ultrasounds and have been to regular doctor's visits.  Last summer, a nodule was found in a routine ultrasound.  I had an FNA (fine needle biopsy) and it turned out it was just a benign fatty cyst hanging out on my thyroid.  Ewe, but not harmful.

Yesterday,  I had my second thyroid biopsy.  I have a large nodule/node/tumor/who knows what on the front of my thyroid.  In fact, its amazing that I never noticed it.  I have no idea how long its been there, but there it is.

My Hashimoto's Story

I haven't talked about my Hashimoto's disease yet, except mentioning that I have it in my profile, so here goes.                                       
I am a very high energy person.  My job as a high school band director keeps me running all the time, sometimes working 18 hour days, evenings, weekends and all throughout the summer as well.  In addition to that, I live with my fiance and his three children (they are with us about half the time).  I have many hobbies and work really hard to keep my home in order as well.  Long story short, my life is pretty busy, but who's isn't, right?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Waffle Time!

I finally tried that cinnamon roll on the waffle iron recipe I found on Pinterest forever ago.  The family said they were yummy (I'm gluten free, so I watched them enjoy and smelled them.  Sigh).  

Summer Funnies

Life is just funny in general, but I love when little extra hilarious things pop up.  Here are a few from this week...

I have seen lots of pictures of people who live in apartments or dorms, etc. naming there wifi networks something funny, or rude, or what have you to communicate with their neighbors and I always think they are so funny.  I was THRILLED when I was logging on to my own network and saw that my own neighborhood (filled with mostly elderly folks...) is getting in on the action.  

 Hide yo kids, hide yo wifi!  Hilarious!  Every single time I crack up!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Blog...third time's a charm.

Ok, so after I searched and searched and tried to remember what the name of this blog was, or even what website I used to make it, I found it!  There is something about doing a blog that just really appeals to me.  I'm not sure what it is, but I see all this ladies on Pinterest with their amazing blogs and tutorials and pictures, etc. and I just think "I can do that!".  So maybe this will be the year that I actually do it, for real.  We'll see.  I'm a teacher and about this time every summer I think I start getting bored or something because I always want to start a blog.  We'll see!  I'm adding this picture because blogs look more interesting with pictures.  Lol!