Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Microwave Mishap

I just came across some pictures of something that happened last winter.  Just thought this was so funny I had to share.  I didn't think it was funny at the time, or for the hour I spent cleaning it up, but what can you do.

For anyone thinking this post was going to be about how to clean your microwave, sorry...I'm not your gal!  I just wiped and wiped and wiped and sprayed and wiped and sprayed and wiped some more.  I still don't think I got it all.  Ick!

I was making chili cheese fries (snack of champions, I know) and thought, "ok, I'll just put the whole jar of ragu cheese sauce in the microwave" for 30 seconds at a time until its hot.  I feel like I've done this before and it worked, but maybe that was just my imagination.

Anyhoo, about 20 seconds in I heard this huge "BOOM!" and when I opened the microwave to see what happened, I was faced with the entire inside of the microwave were COATED with dripping, hot cheese sauce.  EWE!!!

So lesson learned...do not microwave a whole jar of cheese sauce.  I probably shouldn't even be eating that crap anyways.

This is actually after I had been working on cleaning for about 20 minutes.  It was all stuck in the ventilation holes and grates and I can't take those off.  DIS. GUST. ING.  To this day I think I can still see some cheese in the grates.  EWE!

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