Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Funnies

Life is just funny in general, but I love when little extra hilarious things pop up.  Here are a few from this week...

I have seen lots of pictures of people who live in apartments or dorms, etc. naming there wifi networks something funny, or rude, or what have you to communicate with their neighbors and I always think they are so funny.  I was THRILLED when I was logging on to my own network and saw that my own neighborhood (filled with mostly elderly folks...) is getting in on the action.  

 Hide yo kids, hide yo wifi!  Hilarious!  Every single time I crack up!

I haven't done much garage sale-ing this summer, but if this is now what people are selling...yikes!  Glad I didn't have the kids with me!

This is my kind of garage sale!  Ha!

I know that Lady Gaga is strange and interesting and unique and blah blah blah, but what is this ad?  Its hanging up at Sears and I just don't get it.  

Buy this perfume and little creepy elves will tickle your armpits for you!  WTF???

This next photo one was spotted at my niece's birthday party.  What a delightful treat for all of the kindergarteners that were present!

I know it is very 7th grade of me to think this is so funny, but come on!!   Can anyone guess where the picture was taken?

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