Friday, August 2, 2013

Teaching Printables

As a busy band director, I can never seem to find things that work for me.  They are always geared toward core teachers or elementary classroom teachers.  I'm working on uploading all of the forms and such I use to (for free of course).  Here are some of my printables.  Enjoy!

Student Practice Planner
This is a one page table that students keep in their folder to quickly jot down items that come up during rehearsal that they want to remember to pratice at home that night.  Very helpful, especially if your students have memories like mine.  I remember nothing unless I write it down.

2013-2014 Editable Attendance Book (Excel)
I was sick of buying attendance books each year (yes I still use the old school paper book) and having them fall apart before the year ends.  I still have to log my attendance in the computer each day, but this gives me an easy at a glance reference of attendance and I can take it with me when rehearsal has me outside or somewhere away from my computer.  This is a customizable Excel file.  You can input your own students, dates, classes, etc. and change the color scheme.

Customizable Lesson Plan Sheet
I also still use an old school lesson plan book for a "week at a glance" rehearsal plan and to do list.  I could never find one that I liked.  This page can be printed two sided  and then several copies printed and put into a binder.  I printed mine in all different colors just for fun.  You can customize it however you like.

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