Sunday, August 5, 2012

Room Re-do's

So this summer has been filled with activities (as usual) and I always feel like a whole summer has flown by and and we have nothing to show for it!  This summer, however, was a bit different.  We fully re-deocorated two complete rooms and sort of updated a third!

It has been clear for months that it was time to split the girls up into their own rooms, so we finally were able to make it happen this summer!

Part of the issue that was making this decision so difficult was the fact that I cannot function without an office space/craft area.  I guess I was spoiled growing up in a three bedroom house that only two people lived in (my Mom and I), because we always had a little office.  I'm used to it dammit and don't want to live in a world where I don't have one!

So we live in a three bedroom bungalow with a partially finished basement and an addition upstairs, making it technically 3 bedrooms plus a walkthrough bedroom upstairs, plus a sort of crappy little family room area in the basement.  After much thought, it was decided that SD8 would keep the room the girls had been sharing, SD13 would move into what was the office and I would be sent to the dungeon with my craft supplies.  Sigh.

Lets start with some pictures of the before states of the rooms...

Basement family room.  This is the view from the"doorway" which is really just a very large hole in the wall with a metal beam across the top.  That is a fireplace to the right and an entertainment center to the left.  A small (useless) utility closet for the gas meter thing is in the center.  Those are peel and stick tiles that my mom and I put down when we first moved into the house in 2002.

Basement family room.  At least there are some nice built-ins!  This room used to be used all the time when I lived here with my mom.  We used it as a family room, a space for parties and it was great!  When DF and the kids moved in, it became a catch-all for junk and then later a play room.  Really it just became something from a scene out of Horders and it was making me ill!

Former office, now SD13's room.  I had just gotten a new camera with a "cartoon" feature.  I don't actually have a normal picture of this, Lol!  This room also has a large bookcase to the right and a closet to the left where all of my many (MANY) craft supplies lived.

Here are some after pictures of the spaces...

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